is our way of saying ‘thank you’…a free loyalty program that comes with awesome perks. Once registered, you get rewarded every time you shop with us, online or in-studio.

You’ll get rewarded every time you shop with us online or in person! Check it out:


Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend online or in-studio with Colour Basis.


For every 2000 points you accrue, you’ll get $25 in Colour Currency to spend on anything you wish.


Get Colour CurrencyTM even faster when you shop bonus-points events.

Sign up is easy!

If you don’t have an account, there’s a two-step process to join.

  1. Create your account
  2. Go to the My Account page and look for the Colour Culture™ Loyalty Program section.  Click the Join button there and you’re a member!  We start you off with a bonus of 500 points.

Using Colour Currency Rewards

When you checkout, any rewards you’ve earned will be displayed on the payment screen.  You have the option to use any available rewards every time you check out.  Unused rewards are available until they expire (see below).

Here are IMPORTANT details:

  1. Colour Currency points become eligible for conversion to a coupon 30 days after the points are earned.
  2. A nightly process runs that looks at any new points that were earned over 30 days ago.  If your Colour Currency point total is above the 2,000 point threshold it deducts the appropriate number of points and creates a Colour Currency reward.  Rewards are issued in $25 increments.  Each Colour Currency reward is good for 1 year.  Expired rewards are not retrievable.
  3. $25 rewards can only be used once, even if the entire amount is not used.  That is, we do not maintain a balance on rewards so be sure your order is large enough to take advantage of the entire reward(s) chosen.
  4. Points associated with returned merchandise are deducted from your point total.
  5. Points are calculated based on the adjusted subtotal field from the order.